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Why WebDruids is Nr.1 in Backlink Building

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Established Accounts with Many Posts

The accounts we use are a couple of years old and have many posts created, ensuring that the backlinks you buy gain more traction from other users and the links are less likely to get taken down.
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Engaging Posts with Feedback from Users

Our posts are created by experienced writters that delve deep into the conversation. This results in our posts receiving likes, comments and shares.
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12 Month Guarantee

We offer 1 year guarantee and free text replacement in case of deletion.
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Relevant Threads and Active Conversations

We post your links in threads that are most relevant to your niche and in conversations that many of your potential buyers participate in.
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Full Reporting Every 4 Days

Our customer will always be informed about the progress made. You will have the opportunity to control the whole process beginning with the platforms we choose. We are updating the reports in real time.
Guest post services that amplify your content's reach and authority.

Free In-depth SEO Audit

Dive deep into your website's health with our no-cost SEO audit. Our experts employ state-of-the-art tools to unearth opportunities and detect areas of improvement. Client Overview



Love from Clients

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I recently hired WebDruids for the second time and they impressed me again.

The content around the links was well-written, structured, and researched - it's clear the WebDruids team took the time to study my site and craft posts that would appeal to my target audience.

Importantly, WebDruids uses only aged, established forum accounts for their posts. The accounts have dozens or hundreds of previous replies, which lends credibility and makes the content seem more organic. This is a major trust factor in forum SEO.

Within just a few weeks, I noticed a bit more organic visitors to my pages and a slight ranking boost of 2-3 positions or so.

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I couldn't be more impressed with the service delivered by WebDruids.

They first took the time to understand my needs and comb through my site.

They took specific instruction about my requirements, resulting in a truly bespoke service.

Communication was great at every step, and I am very comfortable with the results.

I am very happy to have found this service

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Got the review copy from WebDruids

- Link was placed on a DR65 niche relevant forum, with almost 144K monthly visitors.

- The topic the reply was posted on was relevant to my niche, the post itself had relevant content and was well written.

- The post came from an old 2009 account with 252 genuine-looking posts and no spammy links. This made the post feel authentic and trustworthy to the forum folks.

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"The link I received was professionally placed on a forum thread which was very relevant to my niche.

It was a nice surprise to see it posted from a well-aged account from 2016.

The content is great and is written in good English. The anchor text was placed in a way that makes sense.

Metrics: DR: 72 Traffic: 46K+/month"

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Got the review copy from this seller, and I have to say, the link is super on point for our niche and he has written a long post on this forum for the backlink.

The forum is part of a popular website in my niche with DA 74 DR 70.

Plus, they placed that link on a page that's an already indexed and top ranked page.

So, yeah, this service is pretty legit!

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I received a trial link from webdruids and am absolutely impressed by the quality of the service.

Received a no-follow link from a DA 50+ forum site on a very relevant thread where OP posted the link very cleverly with a manually-written natural sounding reply with my anchor text perfectly as I asked.

One of the main positives is that a 15+ years old account was used in the forum which made the answer more credible and natural.

Absolutely recommend his service. It is a 10/10 for me. I have bookmarked him for future crowd link campaigns in some niche-related forums which I am having a hard time placing links.

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"This is an excellent crowd source link building service. I've tried a number of these over the years.

Although most do a pretty decent job, i was always a little disappointed with the quality of the comments and the threads as well as the posting accounts being brand new in most cases.

The reason you want aged accounts or at least accounts that have posted a fair bit in the forum is that link juice is passed from all the pages the account posts to via the sig link. It's exactly this process that maximizes the potential effectiveness of crowd source style links.

This "WebDruids" link building is on another level. I gave op just the url and wanted a 'brand name' anchor. I won't be at all surprised if we also pick up a little extra traffic from the forum via this link."

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"I was fortunate to receive a trial link for review. I must say, I'm very impressed. The OP researched the MS and wrote a very on target post on a forum that is not related to the niche, but the forum thread was VERY niche related.

Not only did the OP link to the given money site (MS), but also linked to a related site that the MS linked to as well. This means that research was performed. The link is no follow, but the metrics of the site are very high.

SITE METRICS: DA 89 DR 82 CF 67 TF 32"

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"Without a doubt the best crowd link forum service on the site and I would even say the best link building service on BHW. El Cucuy took a legitimate interest in the site and built links that actually had value and relevancy.

I've done a few crowd link services and most just use the same sites in generic topics with poorly written English, but this service has excellent English and the post actually fits the context of the site."

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I was lucky to get a review copy from WebDruids.

They clearly did their homework on my site by providing a brilliantly composed text that aptly addressed the queries raised in the topic where the link was introduced and got 5 likes, confirming its value.

The post came from an old 2020 account with 16 genuine-looking posts and no spammy links. This made the post feel authentic and trustworthy to the forum folks.

The link was posted on a high-metric forum with a lot of activity.

I recommend this link-building service to anyone and will place an order soon!


Customers' Choice Plans

Choose from our selection of top rated customer plans tailored to meet your specific needs.

Ancient Oak

Crowd Marketing Plan

$ 7.99 /Link
  • 100 Total Links
  • 50 Follow Links
  • 35 Days
  • 100 Unique Domains
  • 4-5 Links per Day


Guest Post Plan

$ XX /article
  • Organic Avg Monthly Traffic: 25000
  • Article length: <1000 characters
  • Permanent Article and Links
  • Do-follow link
  • Domain Authority: 20-29


Personalised Strategy

$ ?? /Month
  • Link Building
  • Guest Posting
  • Keyword Research
  • Comprehensive SEO Audit
  • Content Creation

Why is Link Building Important to You?

The Power of Authority in SEO

Authority in the digital landscape is carved when your brand is endorsed by others. Superior link-building services solidify this authority, a cornerstone for Google rankings. Combine potent content with impactful authority for top-tier, lasting rankings.

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What do you get?

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Our Commitment to Your Growth

Experience premium sites mentioning you with WEBDRUIDS, amplifying your stature, and propelling SERP rankings with our SEO services. Every package promises domain authority enhancement. Plus, receive intricate reports detailing our every move in SEO outreach.

WebDruids Advantages

Assured Link Longevity: We guarantee the endurance of your backlinks.

Link Replacement Assurance: Acting swiftly on the rare occasion of link drops.

Risk-Free Investment: Full refund option within 4 days of investment in our SEO services.

You’re in Control: Get the luxury of pre-approving our chosen platforms.

Stay in the Loop: Benefit from our continuous progress briefings in SEO outreach.

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Our Process - Transparent & Effective SEO Services

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Our Blog

The Power of Crowd Marketing: How Your Business Can Benefit

A group of people standing in front of a computer screen learning about SEO and backlinks.

Webdruids Combo

Merging Crowd Marketing with Guest Posts and Quora & Reddit links has consistently amplified organic traffic and rankings with our backlink strategy, resulting in significant revenue augmentation.

Businesses that used these services have reported an average increase of 50% in organic traffic and a 60% increase in keyword rankings. Additionally, companies have seen a remarkable increase in revenue of up to 40%. In summary, high quality Crowd Marketig and Guest Post services can yield impressive results that are worth considering for any business seeking to boost their online presence.





1. What is SEO and why is it essential for my business?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization services, is the practice of enhancing a website's visibility on search engines like Google. A well-optimized site can drive organic (unpaid) traffic, leading to increased brand visibility and potential revenue with digital marketing agency strategies.

2. How do crowd marketing services and guest posting boost SEO?

Both techniques drive quality backlinks to your site. While crowd marketing engages your brand within online communities, guest posting places your content on reputable guest post sites. These backlinks signal search engines about your site's credibility, improving rankings.

3. How long does it take to see SEO results?

SEO is a long-term strategy. Typically, noticeable improvements begin within 4-6 months. However, as strategies like link-building services deepen and evolve, results can continue to grow over time.

4. Are backlinks still relevant in SEO?

Absolutely! Backlinks from authoritative and relevant sites signal search engines like Google about your site's trustworthiness and relevance, playing a crucial role in rankings.

5. How do I choose keywords for my business?

Keywords should resonate with your business offerings and what users are searching for. SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ahrefs can assist in keyword research.

6. What’s the difference between on-page and off-page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to elements on your site, including content, meta descriptions, and HTML source code. Off-page SEO involves external factors like backlinks and SEO outreach.

7. How does mobile optimization impact SEO services?

With mobile searches surpassing desktop, Google's mobile-first indexing prioritizes mobile-optimized sites. Ensuring your site is responsive and user-friendly on mobile devices is crucial for SEO.

8. Why is my website not showing up on Google with my digital marketing agency strategies?

Multiple factors can influence this: the site might be new, there's a lack of quality backlinks, poor SEO practices, or Google penalties. An SEO audit can pinpoint and address these issues.

9. How do voice searches affect SEO strategies?

Voice searches are often more conversational and longer. Optimizing for voice search involves targeting long-tail keywords and crafting content that answers specific questions related to SEO services.

10. What is local SEO and do I need it?

Local SEO optimizes your site for a specific locality. If you have a brick-and-mortar store or offer services in a specific region, local SEO services ensure you appear in local search results.

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