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Fred Kunst
Fred Kunst
SEO Executive
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My team and I, buy these forum links for some time now and we are very happy with the result.

It is all pretty straight forward for us. We gave them the URLs and specified some keywords we are focused on. Then they performed their research and do the work.

Right away I received a simple to understand report and they kept me updated all the time. I could see the forums they identified for me, all metrics and traffic per forum. It was all very easy to keep track of and to verify that the posts were inserted.

I had some specific requirements regarding when the links should be posted and that we needed the texts of the links to be relevant to our product and relevant to the thread discussion. We prioritise natural link building and they followed all my instructions.

Using the report is was easy for us to track the results these backlinks gave us. The traffic increased as well as our rankings in Google for the keywords we chose.

Ueli Moismann
Ueli Moismann
Client Relationship Manager bei Venio SEO & Online Marketing Agentur
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Webdruids excel in their field as an SEO agency providing specialized link building services. With focused and professional team members, they always ensure a consistent improvement in the visibility of our website. I am particularly pleased with their attention to detail and understanding of our needs. Yet another aspect worth mentioning is the ease of communication and responsiveness.

They make it simple to monitor progress, making adjustments as necessary to continue increasing our online presence. While it is a steady journey and not a magical, instant formula, Webdruids is certainly a reliable partner to have for your business.

 Yuri Pheschenko
Yuri Pheschenko
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I just had the pleasure of working with WebDruids, and I must say that my experience with this SEO business has been outstanding. Here are some of the important things that have left me impressed:

High-Quality Forum Backlinks: To increase my website's SEO, I chose to purchase test crowd marketing backlinks from WebDruids. You can expect backlinks from sites with around 70 or more Authority Score according to SemRush and millions of Organic Search Traffic!

The forum posts where they inserted these links were carefully chosen. Not only did these links assist enhance my website's search engine rating, but they were also smoothly blended into relevant forum conversations. This method adds substantial value to my SEO strategy.

Bhikku San
Bhikku San
SEO Expert
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I ordered a few forum links and within a few days I received the ordered package.

The forum links were specially set in niche-relevant forums that represent an added value for the reader and for Google (search engine). That's how I see it anyway!

After a few weeks, the first visitors actually came to my homepage. The ranking went up a bit. Say about 2 positions from place 10 to place 6-7!

The communication was easy. I only had to submit the subpage and the anchor text and the guys started to publish the matching forum links.

What else I noticed especially: The forum links were always created via older accounts, which is even more trust for other forum users!

Christopher Pinski
Christopher Pinski
Founder of Crispy Software Solutions
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We have purchased crowd marketing backlinks multiple times from Webdruids and each time its been a great experience.

The process is made simple where all we need to provide are the target URLs and the desired anchor text for each URL. From there Webdruids takes care of the rest.

The results from all of this crowd marketing have been evident given the increased amount of impressions and clicks that we've received from Google Search.

Overall we would highly recommend Webdruids crowd marketing for their great customer service and excellent results!


WebDruid's Services

We cover all the possible SEO services you can ever need

Managed SEO

Our experts will review your overall website in-depth and develop a plan for fixing technical problems, optimizing the on-page SEO, and creating a strong link-building campaign.

Crowd Marketing

We'll create links in niche-relevant discussions in popular communities, driving referral traffic to your website and boosting its SEO metrics in an organic way.

Website Optimization

Our team will take care of fixing your technical and on-page SEO problems, making sure that your website is mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly, and fast.

Quora Marketing

We'll start an organic Quora campaign, where we'll answer relevant niche questions, mention your business, and link to it from aged accounts with strong social profiles.

Blog Writing

Our SEO experts and copywriters will create a tailored strategy for your blog content, aiming to target specific keywords to increase your organic traffic.

Guest Post Outreach

With our outreach campaign, we'll secure you relevant links from relevant websites placed in expertly written articles by our copywriters. We are manually reaching out to the webmasters and negotiating the article placement with them.

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1. What is SEO and why is it essential for my business?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization services, is the practice of enhancing a website's visibility on search engines like Google. A well-optimized site can drive organic (unpaid) traffic, leading to increased brand visibility and potential revenue with digital marketing agency strategies.

2. How do crowd marketing services and guest posting boost SEO?

Both techniques drive quality backlinks to your site. While crowd marketing engages your brand within online communities, guest posting places your content on reputable guest post sites. These backlinks signal search engines about your site's credibility, improving rankings.

3. How long does it take to see SEO results?

SEO is a long-term strategy. Typically, noticeable improvements begin within 4-6 months. However, as strategies like link-building services deepen and evolve, results can continue to grow over time.

4. Are backlinks still relevant in SEO?

Absolutely! Backlinks from authoritative and relevant sites signal search engines like Google about your site's trustworthiness and relevance, playing a crucial role in rankings.

5. How do I choose keywords for my business?

Keywords should resonate with your business offerings and what users are searching for. SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ahrefs can assist in keyword research.

6. What’s the difference between on-page and off-page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to elements on your site, including content, meta descriptions, and HTML source code. Off-page SEO involves external factors like backlinks and SEO outreach.

7. How does mobile optimization impact SEO services?

With mobile searches surpassing desktop, Google's mobile-first indexing prioritizes mobile-optimized sites. Ensuring your site is responsive and user-friendly on mobile devices is crucial for SEO.

8. Why is my website not showing up on Google with my digital marketing agency strategies?

Multiple factors can influence this: the site might be new, there's a lack of quality backlinks, poor SEO practices, or Google penalties. An SEO audit can pinpoint and address these issues.

9. How do voice searches affect SEO strategies?

Voice searches are often more conversational and longer. Optimizing for voice search involves targeting long-tail keywords and crafting content that answers specific questions related to SEO services.

10. What is local SEO and do I need it?

Local SEO optimizes your site for a specific locality. If you have a brick-and-mortar store or offer services in a specific region, local SEO services ensure you appear in local search results.