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At WebDruids, we know how to handle and create relevant mentions from one of the most popular Q&A platforms, Quora. Boost your business notice and sales via our Quora Marketing service, which will bring you not only traffic but also more sales and leads. 


Quora Marketing
Quora Traffic

What is Quora Marketing?

Quora Marketing involves writing expert answers to relevant questions asked by users and naturally including a mention of your business. We ensure that the link to your website is integrated smoothly within the answer, which can drive targeted, niche-relevant traffic to your site. This strategy is excellent for enhancing your brand's online presence and attracting quality traffic, which can lead to increased sales and more leads.

Packages & Pricing

Honest prices for honest work


Save 75$

$ 525
  • 10,5$ per link
  • 50 Quora Links
  • 50 Unique Answers
  • Natural Drip Feed System
  • Live Report
  • TAT 25 Days


Most Ordered

$ 220
  • 11$ per link
  • 20 Quora Links
  • 20 Unique Answers
  • Natural Drip Feed System
  • Live Report
  • TAT 15 Days


Starter Plan

$ 120
  • 12$ per link
  • 10 Quora Links
  • 10 Unique Answers
  • Natural Drip Feed System
  • Live Report
  • TAT 10 Days

Advantages of WebDruid's Quora Marketing

Relevant Answers

Each answer will be unique, expertly structured to offer relevant information, backed by a trusted source, and include a mention of your business.

1 Year Link Guarantee

We offer free link replacement in case of deletions during 12 months after delivery.

Aged and Established Accounts

We use real, aged accounts with strong social proof within the Quora community, making our answers more credible and trusted. This leads to more upvotes and shares, increasing the visibility of the response.

Real Marketing Campaign

While others just quickly place a link, we build a whole marketing campaign to really boost your brand and drive you relevant traffic.

Explore Our Quora Links Examples

See the examples of our service to understand better our advantages. Click below to view examples that we created over the time.

How WebDruid's Quora Marketing Works?

1. Submit the Info

Provide us your targeted URLs and desired anchor texts to be used.

2. Research

Our team conducts thorough research to find the Quora questions that perfectly align with your niche.

3. Live Reporting

Receive a live report showing all the Quora Marketing opportunities we find and track progress in real-time during the project.

4. Text Writing

We create relevant organic answers and strategically place your link to drive traffic to you!

5. Link Building

We initiate our link-building process using an organic drip-feed strategy to ensure natural and effective results.

6. Final Report

At the end of the campaign, you'll receive a transparent final report with a summary of the work done.

Reviews from our Clients

I have been working with WebDruids since November 2023, and I invest monthly in their Quora Marketing service. After one month of work, I started to notice the first sales that came from Quora, and each month this number is increasing and increasing. I think this type of service is very cost-effective for low-budget starters in this business, as their links are not expensive and drive results.

Mike E-commerce Business Owner

We've been using WebDruids Quora links to drive referral traffic to our news websites, and this service has proven to be one of the most effective we've tested. What stands out most is their transparency and the fact that their answers average 2,000 views each. Highly recommended!

Daniel Marketing Team Lead

I've been using their Quora Marketing service for my clients' beauty niche websites, and honestly, their links bring in impressive results. We see a lot of referral traffic from their answers, and they are the only providers I've found who use real, trusted accounts to write relevant responses. All of my clients are satisfied with the outcomes, which is the most important thing. This service really works well!

Victoria SEO Strategist

We've been working with the WebDruids team for 6 months now, using their Quora Marketing service, and we are extremely pleased with the referral traffic results. Our website operates within the computer niche, which has many relevant questions on Quora. The WebDruids team consistently finds these questions and provides professional answers that engage the Quora community effectively.

Vlad SEM Team Lead
Asked Questions

Quora receives an average of around 820 million visitors per month who are searching for answers to all kinds of questions. Our service provides these people with the right answers, including a mention of your business, directing them straight to you! Everything is very transparent, as everyone can see how many views each answer has received.

The Quora links are basically NoFollow, but all their web pages are indexed by Google, and we all know that NoFollow links also matter for a healthy backlink profile, especially having organic mentions from such a big community and Google will love it!

Yes, you certainly have the option to pre-approve them. Just let us know if you'd like to approve them beforehand. Once we've identified all the potential opportunities for Quora marketing links, you'll have the chance to review and approve them. After receiving your approval, we'll proceed with the link-building process.

In the SEO and SEM industry, WebDruids stands out by using aged accounts for backlinking, unlike the common practice of creating poor-quality links on low-reputation sites with new accounts. Our established accounts, some over 20 years old with thousands of organic answers, ensure credibility and authenticity. These trusted accounts increase user trust and engagement, significantly boosting the effectiveness of our Crowd Marketing campaign

Our 1 Year Guarantee is designed to cover any answer and backlink that is deleted or becomes inactive. We closely monitor the backlinks we craft for your website, ensuring they remain active and effective. If a backlink is removed or becomes non-functional for any reason during the 12-month period, we will replace it with an equivalent or better link. This coverage is part of our goal to maintain the quality and effectiveness of your backlink profile over time in order to continually support your website's growth and ranking stability.

Sure! We have an experienced copywriting team for each language, ensuring that we can create high-quality and relevant answers in any language you need.


Of course, if you are not satisfied with the questions or even the answers we made for you, we will replace them at no cost. 

We offer a full refund within the first 72 hours after placing your order, regardless of the reason. This means that if you change your mind about the purchase or if any unforeseen circumstances arise, you can request a refund, and we will honor it. You don’t even need to provide a reason for the refund. You may have noticed that some of our competitors offer refunds for reasons such as unsatisfactory quality or missed deadlines. However, we believe in delivering what we promiseand we are confident that our products and services meet the highest standards. We don’t want to make false promises or create unrealistic expectations, which is why we only offer refunds within a reasonable timeframe.

We also offer refunds in case we can’t find relevant questions to create the Quora answers with the link.

The amount of the refund will consist of the price of each link we will not be able to post. You will be notified of this in advance.

Sure! It will generate better effects for your website and brand, as you'll get more referral traffic and much more link equity for ranking up in SERPs! Read more about our Crowd Marketing service.

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