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At WEBDRUIDS, we've mastered the art of crowd marketing, ensuring your brand is a vibrant voice amidst high-metric SEO communities like forums, Q&A platforms, social media, and review sites. Through meticulous community engagement relevant to your domain, we foster genuine conversations, embedding organically placed links to your website, and driving purposeful traffic your way.

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Why Should Your Website Invest in Crowd Marketing?

In today's digital era, potential buyers treasure authentic reviews before investing in products or services. And where's the most genuine feedback found? Not in paid articles, but organically on forums, Q&A sites, and social media platforms. Opting for our refined link packages ensures your brand is not only mentioned in relevant discussions but also drives organic conversations about your offerings. This not only boosts traffic but also solidifies a positive brand image.

Transparent Pricing for Premium Crowd Marketing

WEBDRUIDS presents a suite of competitively priced crowd marketing packages, tailored for various business scales and budgets:


Starter Plan

$ 10 /Link
  • 10 Total Links
  • 5 Follow Links
  • 10 days
  • 10 Unique Domains
  • 2-3 links per day


Save 7$

$ 9.65 /Link
  • 20 Total Links
  • 10 Follow Links
  • 15 days
  • 20 Unique Domains
  • 2-3 links per day


Save 51$

$ 8.99 /Link
  • 50 Total Links
  • 25 Follow Links
  • 25 days
  • 50 Unique Domains
  • 3-4 links per day

Ancient Oak

Save 201$

$ 7.99 /Link
  • 100 Total Links
  • 50 Follow Links
  • 35 days
  • 100 Unique Domains
  • 4-5 links per day

Distinctive Features of WEBDRUIDS' Crowd Marketing

Customized, handwritten back-link profiles

Engagements on sites boasting robust SEO metrics

Relevant mentions in niche discussions resonating with your industry

Organic mix of Dofollow and Nofollow links

Use of accounts that are active and established for many years

Increased Domain Rating and Domain Authority

Stay informed about the process at every step we take.

The process

1. Analyse

Deep dive into your website's ethos for contextually relevant mentions.

3. Approval

Present potential sites and content drafts for your nod.

5. Operations

Engage with forums, curating resonant and pertinent answers.

2. Locate

Identify platforms and conversations harmonizing with your brand.

4. Track

Receive comprehensive work tracking files with optional alerts.

6. Report

Conclude with a detailed link report, backed with a year-long guarantee.

Stay informed about the process at every step we take.

The process

1. Analyse

We analyze your website (i.e., product/service), which will allow us to make more relevant mentions.

2. Locate

We find discussions/review pages relevant to your website.

3. Approval

At your choice, we will send you the pages and texts for approval.

4. Track

We send you a file where you will be able to track the work process (optional, you can choose email notifications)

5. Operations

We work gradually with each forum, creating relevant answers/mentions.

6. Report

In the end, you receive a detailed report with all the created links.


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Engine Rankings


Conversion Rate


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Testimonials from some of our clients

The report was delivered on time and had detailed information, all links were relevant to my niche, the executor followed instructions and all links were indexed, a great option for diversifying backlinks.

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Jessica Wilson Product Manager

The guys from WebDruids know the importance of having a great mix of nofollow and dofollow links on the sites which actually have massive traffic. But most importantly... the links are on very relevant pages. On top of it, the posts are relevant and my links are surrounded by the relevant text.

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Annie Harris Marketing Consultant

I highly recommend this service for anyone who is looking to increase their online presence and visibility. They provide high-quality forum links that are delivered in a user-friendly format through a Google sheet. The metrics provided, including Domain Rating and traffic, are accurate and trustworthy. The delivery was on time and the quality and quantity of the links exceeded my expectations.

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Joseph Cooper Sales Director

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